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Sunday, November 6

First Pathfinder Society meeting today. I decided to attend at last minute (we’re talking thirty minutes before the event with a thirty-minute drive to it), but I had a really good time. I played Ivan, a morally-suspect cleric of Abadar, god of wealth and cities. Together with an obnoxiously-masculine samurai, a bearded elf, a scatterbrained alchemist and a wizened fighter, we set about accomplishing petty errands for the Pathfinders.

Highlight reel:

"You step into the orphanage. You see a handful of children in the foyer and an insane multitude of cats."
"Can I make a Perception check to see if there’s anything unusual in the room?"
"Natural fail."
"You see a cat."

"The letter makes it clear: your mission is very important. Do not embarrass the Society in this matter.”
"A wild vase appears! Quick! Acrobatics check!"

"The servant leads you down to the vault and gestures for you to enter."
"Can I do a sense motive check on the servant? This seems a little suspect."
"He seems honest."
"We enter the vault."
"He locks the door behind you."


"The woman smiles. ‘It seems I can’t seem to get him here anymore.’ She runs her fingers down her dress slowly and then spreads her arms out to include her house, almost as an afterthought.”
"That means she wants to have sex with him."
"What? Was ‘I want you inside me’ too subtle?"

"She informs you that the box is inside her bedroom."
"Hell. She’s gonna lock us in with her, isn’t she?"

"You see in her room what appears to be a crucifix with manacles on every end. You see in corners whips, candles, and other devices seemingly used to inflict slow pain."
"I leave."

"You’re ambushed in an alley by a handful of ragged brigands. They’re headed by a young woman with curly red hair, bright blue eyes, and a smile that seems - roll a Perception check."
"You notice she’s fucking crazy.

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